Global Engineering Supply Chain

We have extensive experience in sourcing across the globe. Our product specialists and logistics team can effectively and efficiently source, supply, and ship goods around the world.



Dalatec Corporation works directly as a sales facility/integrator with several coupling manufacturers

Custom Gears


Dalatec has teamed with several high-end gear manufactures to offer our customers both custom and off-the-shelf gears to meet their specific needs and applications!



Flexaust has manufactured durable, long lasting, flexible hose and ducting solutions for industrial and commercial applications for 75 years. Our hose products are used in applications involving air, dust, fume and lightweight materials.

Habasit Belts


Habasit offers the broadest selection of fabric-based belts, plastic modular belts and power transmission belts available in the industry, complemented by gears and motors.



DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH develops and manufactures linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. HEIDENHAIN products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.

ITW Texwipe


Dalatec is an authorized distributor of ITW Texwipe. ITW Texwipe is committed to producing the highest quality cleanroom consumable products in the world. In order to ensure that we meet that commitment, we continue to invest steadily in technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain state-of-the-art systems



Dalatec integrates Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in many of their hydraulic and pneumatic applications. We find Trelleborg to offer the finest quality "one –stop ship providing the best in elastomer, thermoplastic, PTFE and composite technologies..."...


Strainers, Filters, Gauges and more...

Dalatec is an authorized worldwide distributor of Zinga Industries. The Zinga Industries product line features suction strainers and diffusers, spin-on filter heads and adapters (single and modular), in-tank filters, high-pressure filters (cartridge and spin-on), cellulose and synthetic elements, check and ball valves, gauges and reservoir accessories.

Dalatec CorporationglobalizationSynergism

How many companies do you know that can not only provide competitive pricing, but also assist in logistics requirements and answer technical questions within several hours or even in a single phone call? In today’s fast-paced business environment the demand for information is immediate! We create and enhance relationships between manufacturers, distributors, and end users to optimize our effectiveness.


We have extensive experience in sourcing across the globe. Our product specialists and logistics team can effectively and efficiently source, supply, and ship goods around the world.

Active Management

We continuously monitor orders, shipments and quality parameters for our customers. Our team routinely processes specific order requirements, shipment schedules, and product certifications for our customers with ease.


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  • Extensive Global Experience
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  • Immediate Information
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Electronic-Mechanical Components


Products used in:
Motion Control, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Thermodynamics and Optics
Servos, encoders, couplings, gears, seals, belts bearings, ball screws, duct hosing pumps filters, springs and optics


Products used in:
Power regulation, text fixturing, cable assemblies, and interconnect
Rectifiers, IGBT, snubbers, discretes, and sensors