The peroxide class of disinfectants kills bacteria , viruses and fungi (see the product label for the specific germ).   Some Hydrogen peroxide solutions may additionally kill the spores (you have to look at the product label and make sure they have the spore kill claim).

"Hydrogen peroxide works by producing destructive hydroxyl free radicals that can attack membrane lipids, DNA, and other essential cell components.  Catalase, produced by aerobic organisms and facultative anaerobes that possess cytochrome systems, can protect cells from metabolically produced hydrogen peroxide by degrading hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.  This defense is overwhelmed by the concentrations used for disinfection.*"

Texwipe offers ready-to-use 4% and 7.5% peroxide cleaning solutions from 3% to 7.5%,  Texwipe has TexP 4% and 7.5%.  This product is recommended for general cleaning and residue removal purposes in the environments where VOC and flammability are the concern.  They have no VOCs, are not flammable and are available in convenient 16 oz spray bottles forsmall areas and 1 gallon bottles for large areas.

(Please see attached data sheets)