ITW Texwipe has announced the new Vertex family of wipers to their product line!

Texwipe is committed to producing the highest quality cleanroom consumable products in the world. In order to ensure that we meet that commitment, we continue to invest steadily in technology, innovation and quality to create and maintain state-of-the-art systems.

Texwipe achieves superior product quality and consistency by utilizing technological innovations, including laboratories for onsite process and quality analysis, intricate test methodologies, statistical process control, machine vision inspection, ultraclean Vectra® processing and fully automated Vertex™ manufacturing. We have an ongoing commitment to technology, quality and innovation with a goal to append the analytical laboratory to the manufacturing process.

  • Untouched. People are the greatest source of contamination in the cleanroom. We don’t do this intentionally, it’s simply a byproduct of the environment in which we live and our bodies sloughing off cells. By removing people from the manufacturing process, Texwipe has engineered a new level of clean which can’t be touched... by us or the competition.
  • No People. From start to finish, this HandsFree system isolates the wiper material from human contact. Texwipe’s proprietary Roll2Bag™ technology allows the wipers to be cleaned, sealed, inspected, stacked and packaged — from the originating fabric roll to the bag — without any human intervention. No people, no hands, no added risk of contamination.
  • Consistency. Vertex guarantees that we produce highly consistent wipers time after time. No variation in particulates or fibers, just the highest level of assurance that you will receive a highly consistent wiper, time after time.
  • Flexible. Vertex wipers were specifically developed with an ability to perform over a wide range of applications and settings. We offer a variety of fabrics in both 9"x9" and 12"x12" sizes, along with a selection pre-wetted wipers, all of which are available in sterile form.

The Vertex wipers are available in a variety of configurations:

{tab=Dry Wipers}

Made in the USA with Texwipe’s revolutionary Vertex™ manufacturing process, these wipers are available in a variety of fabrics and in 9" x 9" and 12" x 12" sizes.

Vertex wipers were specifically developed with an ability to perform over a wide range of applications and settings.

High Durability (TX20 Series)
100% polyester double-knit designed to provide the most suitable combination of sorption plus abrasion resistance.

High Sorption (TX40 Series)
100% polyester double-knit designed to provide a very soft feel plus high sorptive capacity.

Microdenier (TX50 Series)
100% polyester double-knit microdenier with soft hand for delicate surfaces.
{tab=Pre-Wetted Wipers}

Introducing the Vertex™ line of Pre-Wetted Wipers.

Offering the same consistent clean as the Vertex™ dry wipers, these products also feature optimal saturation using highest quality USP-Grade IPA.

Optimal Saturation
Overly saturated wipers can leave behind a pool of contaminants and insufficiently saturated wipers can perform inadequately. Vertex™ Prewet Wipers are pre-wetted to just the right level suitable for most applications.

USP-Grade Isopropanol
USP-Grade IPA is the most extensively quality-tested IPA. Vertex™ Prewet Wipers use only USP-Grade IPA, providing assurance of the highest quality.

The use of USP-grade IPA in Vertex™ Prewet Wipers ensures that life science customers are consistently using the same grade of IPA in all of their manufacturing operations.



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