• CNC Assembly

Dalatec has formed partnerships with major subcontract assembly facilities:

  • CNC Assembly
  • Electronic Assembly
  • Cable and Harness Assembly

The companies that we represent have been selected very carefully.

There has been much thought in working with these companies based on their technical merit, quality and service.

CNC Machining and Assembly


  • Computerized high precision machining and turning
  • Civil aviation quality certification
  • Mechanical parts manufacturing at 0.005mm accuracy, including finish and helicoil assembly
  • Manufacturing small and medium-sized parts

Dalatec provides solutions for mechanical planning and serial manufacturing of precise mechanical parts and mechanical assemblies!!!


  • CNC lathes milling combined up to 6 axis.
  • CNC milling machines up to 5 axis working simultaneously.
  • All are supported by the CAD/CAM system and measured by our CMM.
  • Technical consulting and engineering solution for ATP (jigs, test benches etc).

* For United States Market.

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Dalatec has teamed up with Eversun Electronics Ltd. to provide full turnkey in a cleanroom environment.

Eversun Electronic Co., Ltd., is a professional subcontract manufacturer providing electronics manufacturing service to original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) that design and sell networking equipment, telecommunication equipment, computing equipment and other electronic equipment. as one of the major providers in subcontract manufacturing field.

Their management has an average of 10-15 years practical working experience.

They are most enthusiastic to help you to produce "cutting edge" electronic products, and enhance your competitiveness.