• Mechanical
  • Mechanical & Industrial Components Introduction
Dalatec offers significant support to supply and integrate mechanical and electro-mechanical parts.

Dalatec is focused and engaged in supporting components which are used in:

• Motion Control
• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Thermodynamics

Our clients are predominantly in the following market sectors:

• Industrial Printing
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Medical Systems

Many of the components that are sold or represented by Dalatec can be used in a myriad o overlapping areas of mechanical engineering.

For example the seals that we supply from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, can be used for line actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic manifolds, heat exchangers or bearings.

The Parker valves we sell are used as shut off and coarse regulation of liquids and gases: pneumatic and or fluid motion or thermodynamic applications.

Dalatec takes great pride to support purchasing and mechanical engineering.
Dalatec works with the companies mentioned on the following page as part of our supply chain or manufacturing support channels.
Dalatec is also an authorized distributor for some of these manufactures and will clearly make that distinction.

Please refer to the slideshow and the links below to identify the areas of mechanical engineering we can support.