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Founded over a hundred years ago, GGB has a history dating back to 1899. GGB Bearings offer self lubricating bearings or free lubricating with tight tolerances, hi load capacities and a coefficient of low friction.

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With high performance plain bearings to meet stringent demands for a higher level of safety and lighter weight, GGB Aviation products are certified to the AS 9100C quality standard. They fulfill the industry’s quality management system requirements for the manufacture of metal-backed aerospace bearings.

Reusable Energy

A leader in hydro-power bearings, GGB has extensive experience, expertise and proven product performance to meet the ever-increasing global demands of the hydro-power industry.

Wind Turbine

GGB Bearing high-quality HPF®, HPM, HPMB®, GGB-CBM® and GGB-DB™ hydro bearings are specifically designed for use in turbine wicket gates, operating ring axial and radial bearings and valves.

Fluid Power

GGB provides low-friction, self-lubricating bearings offer complete solutions, performing reliably under high loads and speeds while resisting cavitation and chemical attack, making them suitable for use in today’s advanced fluid power applications.


Maintenance-free plain bearings are used in a wide range of equipment in the primary metal industry such as furnace charging cars, ladle hangers, turret and tilting devices, dummy bar chains, shears, cooling beds, coilers or belt winders as well as many other critical applications.


Metal-polymer and fiber reinforced composite bearings for a greaseless, maintenance-free solution with extended service life.

Hi Performance Equipment

Many features that contribute to the safety and comfort of the modern vehicle rely on selecting the ideal automotive bearings to meet strict criteria for the design, function and performance