Habasit offers the broadest selection of fabric-based belts, plastic modular belts and power transmission belts available in the industry, complemented by gears and motors.  Habasit's broad product line consists of products such as:

HabaFLOW® Fabric-based conveyor and processing belts|closed

From standard fabric conveyor belts, to industry-specific high duty conveyor and processing belts, flexibility and reliability are essential. The choice of strength class, cover material, surface structure and runningside properties optimizes system performance.

HabasitLINK® and KVP® Plastic modular belts

Habasit's plastic modular belt range provides unique design features to improve cleaning. It is approved for use in a range of food applications from packaging to cooling and dewatering, as well as in the materials handling industry. KVP products complement the range, e.g. for spiral and shrink-wrap tunnel applications.

HabaDRIVE® Power transmission belts

Due to their high flexibility, Habasit’s power transmission belts save energy and help to reduce costs. The superior belt design also allows for small pulley diameters and versatile machine designs, which are especially important in the textile and printing and paper industries.

HabaSYNC® Timing belts

Invaluable in countless applications, open-ended polyurethane timing belts are stable at high operating speeds. They are used wherever synchronous or parallel conveyors, accumulation, positioning conveying, capstan haul-offs, linear drives and indexing conveyors are required.

HabaCHAIN® Chains (slat and conveyor chains)

Habasit’s top-quality range of slat and conveyor chains are available in both straight-running and sideflexing versions. They are fully compatible with modern industry standards. Slat-chain product retrofits are possible. All state of-the-art features like extra-low friction, chemical resistance, antistatic and flame-retardant qualities are available.

HabiPLAST® Profiles, guides, wearstrips

Habasit provides thermoplastic products for engineering and industrial applications such as extruded profiles, machined profiles, sliding guides, wearstrips, plastic parts, etc. These are used in many industries, including bottling, packaging, mechanics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glass, food, and paper.

Machine tapes

Applied in printing, paper, postal and many other processes, Habasit machine tapes convey delicate goods and provide adequate and constant grip. Machine tapes come in a variety of traction layer materials, strength classes, and applicationoriented cover materials. Unparalleled properties and a lifetime guarantee ensure the highest productivity.

Seamless belts

Habasit's seamless belts offer superior performance and maximum design flexibility. They have developed a series of tailor-made products for business machines, printing, paper- and cardboard-converting applications, and mail sorting. Habasit's vast range includes seamless GRABBER® feeder belts where high friction, abrasion resistance, antiglazing, nonmarking and “ablative” properties are essential.

Round belts

Polycord round belts can be used as conveying elements or for driving applications. They are particularly suitable for angular gears, as they can be adjusted directionally at will. Habasit offers a comprehensive range of round belts made of high quality polyurethane in diameters between 2 mm and 15 mm, with different surfaces and hardnesses.

HabaTOOL® Fabrication, joining and assembling tools

To support the effective and efficient fabrication of their belts, Habsit has developed a broad range of tools and devices. The range covers the requirements of in-house fabrication (series and specialities) as well as those of on-site installations of conveyors, power transmission belts, and tapes.

Habasit's products and services are used in a wide range of industries, including:

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