Electronical Handwheels

With the electronic handwheel from HEIDENHAIN, you can use the feed drive to make very precise movements in the axis slides in proportion to the rotation of the handwheel. As an option, the handwheels are available with mechanical detent.

HR 410 and HR 520 portable handwheels

The axis keys and certain functional keys are integrated in the housing. It allows you to switch axes or setup the machine at any time and regardless of where you happen to be standing. The HR 520 also features a display for the position value, the feed rate and spindle speed, the operating mode and other functions, as well as an override potentiometer for feed rate and spindle speed.

HR 130 and HR 150 panel-mounted handwheels

Panel-mounted handwheels from HEIDENHAIN can be integrated in the machine operating panel or be built-in at another location on the machine. Up to three HR 150 electronic handwheels can be connected through an adapter.