Standard coatings may be ordered by simply appending a coating suffix to the product number and specifying the number of sides to be coated. For more complex requirements please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on the best coating for your needs.

 anti-reflectiveDalatec Corporation offers a wide range of Anti-Reflection coatings which may be applied to any glass or fused silica lenses as well as windows to reduce reflection losses.

Through use of an Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) process we can provide AR coatings on optical fiber endfaces. Low temperature IAD coatings may be applied to most fiber endface terminations. Pre and post coating inspection is performed in our dedicated facility to ensure high quality.

“Super-V” Coatings represent the ultimate in low reflection coatings (R<0.1%) for narrowband applications. We also offer laser line V Coatings, Broadband Multilayer AR Coatings, Multiband AR Coatings, Telecom AR Coatings and Single Layer AR MgF2 Coatings.

customWe can provide custom optical coatings from the ultra-violet to the near infrared.

  • High, partial, and anti-reflection
  • Edge, notch, band pass filters
  • Plate and cube beam splitters
  • Wavelength ranges 190 – 2500nm
  • Sizes up to 10 x 10 inches
  • Various angle of incidence and polarization requirements
  • Dalatec and customer furnished materials
  • Optical glasses, crystals, polymers, fibers, fiber assemblies, and cemented substrates

reflectiveDalatec offers narrowband and broadband dielectric high reflecting coatings as well as a range of metal coatings. Laser Line HR Coatings are offered for all major laser wavelengths in the range of 193 to 2100nm. Broadband HR Coatings are offered for a selection of bandwidths. They provide a very high degree of spectrally neutral reflection and represent the ultimate in optical mirror coatings. Most of the coatings listed are for use at 45 degrees angle of incidence, but we do offer a selection of Broadband, Normal Incidence HR Coatings. Other normal incidence coatings can be provided on special request. Metal coatings, such as Protected Aluminum, Protected Silver or Protected Gold provide reflectance over an extremely broad spectral range. These coatings are protected by a thin layer of dielectric material in order to make them durable. It is also possible to enhance the performance of metal coatings by adding several dielectric layers over the metal coating.