Fluor (FKM) and Perfluor (FFK "M") elastomers are utilized in the semiconductor, chemical processing and medical industries.

They are an excellent choice for thermal stability, dielectric properties and where oxidation diffusion, annealing and RTP are necessary.

Both are used in wet and dry process technology which includes etching, ashing stripping, copper plating and chemical vapor deposition.


Fluoropolymers are polymers that are high performance.

These polymers contain atoms of fluorine.

They are unique because they perform well in a wide range of applications.

Fluropolymers are designed in applications in which seals inherently provide unusual resistance to chemicals & corrosion and their ability to withstand a wide range of high temperatures.

Fluoropolymers are extremely flexible and have excellent anti-stick properties.

Disadvantages of Fluoropolymers
Application specific due to cost

Advantages of Fluoropolymers
Chemical resistant, operates in high temperatures, UV resistant, non-leaching, FDA approved, USP Class VI compliant

Examples of Fluoropolymers:

Fluoroelastomers (FKM)

Fluoroelastomers are a family of synthetic rubbers that can be stretched extensively, and still return to their original shape once the stretching is released. It is actually a fluoropolymer that does not crystallize.

Disadvantages of Fluoroelastomers
very expensive

Advantages of Fluoroelastomers
Chemical resistant, resistant to automotive and aircraft fuel, FDA approved

Examples of Fluoroelastomers:

  • Viton®
  • Dyneon®
  • Aflas®

Perfluoroelastomers –(FFKM)

Perfluoroelastomers polymers are made up of three or more monomers, in which all hydrogen positions have been replaced by fluorine, the principal monomer being tetrafluoroethylene, or TFE. This is the most chemically resistant elastomer available and is effectively a rubber form of TFE

Disadvantages of Perfluoroelastomers
only available in O-ring and sheet form
very expensive

Advantages of Perfluoroelastomers
most chemically resistant of all elastomers
resistant to acids, caustics, amines, aldehydes, steam, and salt water

Examples of Perfluoroelastomers:

  • Kalrezreg®
  • Perfrezreg®
  • Chemrazreg®
  • Aflasreg®

Dalatec’s suppliers have the resources to fine tune the modulus, pressure and hardness rating by using the right combination of base polymer: filler and then cure.