Direct Gear Design
        by Alexander Kapelevich
        234 p. ; ill. , CRC Publications, c2013
  • Introduces a custom gear design approach—Direct Gear Design®—for modern applications that require performance maximization
  • Explains asymmetric gear design and its various applications
  • Considers practical aspects of gear production
  • Compares the Direct Gear Design approach to traditional methods
  • Provides real-world examples of Direct Gear Design
  • Includes an eight-page color insert and more than 315 black-and-white illustrations

Over the last several decades, gearing development has focused on improvements in materials, manufacturing technology and tooling, thermal treatment, and coatings and lubricants. In contrast, gear design methods have remained frozen in time, as the vast majority of gears are designed with standard tooth proportions. This over-standardization significantly limits the potential performance of custom gear drives, especially in demanding aerospace or automotive applications. Direct Gear Design introduces an alternate gear design approach to maximize gear drive performance in custom gear applications.
Historical Overview
Direct Gear Design® Origin
Gear Design Based on Rack Generating Technology
Gear Design without Rack Generation
Gears with Asymmetric Teeth

Macrogeometry of Involute Gears
Involute Tooth Parameters
Gear Mesh Characteristics
Pitch Factor Analysis
Application of Direct Gear Design for Different Types of Involute Gears

Area of Existence of Involute Gears
Area of Existence of Symmetric Gears
Area of Existence of Asymmetric Gears
Area of Existence and Pitch Factors
Application of Area of Existence

Involute Gearing Limits
Number of Teeth
Pressure Angle
Contact Ratio
Practical Range of Involute Gear Parameters

Tooth Geometry Optimization
Involute Profile Optimization
Tooth Modeling and Bending Stress Calculation
Root Fillet Optimization
Bending Strength Balance
Final Stress Definition

Gear Design Details
Gear Transmission Density Maximization
High Gear Ratio Planetary Drives
Self-Locking Gears
Plastic Gear Design Specifics
Gear Tooth Profile Modeling

Tolerancing and Tolerance Analysis
Gear Specification
Accuracy Selection
Tolerance Analysis

Gear Fabrication Technologies and Tooling
Gear Machining
Gear Forming

Gear Measurement
Measurement over (between) Balls or Pins
Span Measurement
Composite Gear Inspection
Elemental Gear Inspection

Comparison of Traditional and Direct Gear Design®
Comparable Geometry and Stress Analysis
Gear Testing Results Comparison
Design Method Selection

Implementation Examples
Speed Boat Gearbox
Turboprop Engine Gearbox
Seed Planter Gearboxes


Alexander L. Kapelevich

Owner/President, AKGears, LLC

Shoreview, Minnesota, USA

More than thirty years of custom gear drive research and design experience; hundreds successfully accomplished projects for variety of industries and gear applications.
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