Mechanical Fastening, Joining, and Assembly
        by James A. Speck
        240 p. , CRC Publications, c1997

Editorial Review...
"There are. . .attractive features of this book: the style is lucid; the drawings are well-annotated; the calculations are disaggregated enough to permit the reader to follow them with little effort; some aspects are discussed, especially the issue of product liability, that are infrequently covered in engineering design literature, in general, and texts, in particular; and its three appendices are useful, notably the one on frequently-asked questions and answers about fasteners. "
---Applied Mechanics Review

Introduces and develops principles and procedures related to fastener engineering, production and use. The text offers a technical base for fastener specification, selection and installation in mechanical products. It includes criteria for appraising strength, reusability and appearance, and methods for analyzing assembly requirements.
Fastener functions and assemply testing; fastener types and their production; fastening and joining mechanics; economic factors in fastener/assembly decisions; assemblies under dynamic loading; assembly sites and systems; fastener materials; environmental factors and corrosion; assembly analysis. Appendices: fastening, joining and assembly glossary; ingenious fasteners and assemblies; some frequent fastener questions and answers.
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