Shaft Seals for Dynamic Applications
        by Les Horve
        504 p. , CRC Publications, c1996

Describes all seal types used in industry for rotating, oscillating and reciprocating shaft applications. The work details the various practices for radial shaft seal selection, testing and installation recommended by the Society of Automotive Engineers, the Rubber Manufacture's Association, the American Society for Testing and Materials, and the American Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers, among others.

". . .a practical, comprehensive reference handbook designed for seal users, lubrication engineers, and maintenance personnel. . ..describes all the seal types used in industry today and classifies them into dynamic and static applications. "
---Plant Engineer's Bookshelf
Elastomeric materials for radial lip seals; lubricants; seal design; specifications and recommended practices; principles of deal operation; measuring seal operating characteristics; effect of operating parameters on seal performance; the effect of seal design parameters on performance; sealing system failure analysis; radial lip seal applications; manufacturing methods for radial lip seals; quality assurance for sealing systems. Appendices: radial lip sealing terminology; elastomer terminology; lubricant terminology; system of units and conversion tables; table of nomenclatures..
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